Thursday, 3 July 2014

It's a nice day for a bright wedding!

Wedding season is happening (whether you like it or not), it's in full swing! Stuck for that special something to give the happy couple? Well, don't worry, Red Candy are here with an array of gift ideas for any blissful newlyweds! Or perhaps it's your nuptials that are coming up, and you need to put together a gift list...again, we are here to help. Let's face it, once you've got the gifts out the way, you can enjoy drinking bubbles and dancing to Agadoo for the evening...

It is 100% fact that most people have a kitchen. So why wouldn't you want the very best in colourful, Italian design adorning it? Not to mention the superior functionality that Bugatti has to offer, see here.
Or, if you're feeling super wedding-traditional, you can of course always choose white:
For those who love quirky, yet timeless design, then look know further than the array of items from Alessi. There's something for every budget, the option of a 'his n hers' gift and statement pieces for any interior space: Alessi.
And for the classic white option:
There's a clock for every room, interior style and occasion, with our range from Newgate Clocks: Tick Tock
And in the tradition of this very blog, classically white:
 And don't forget, there is always something new at Red Candy: NEW STUFF

So take a look around and see what you might like to surprise the happy couple with (or yourself).

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Feed the birds...

As we welcome the Great British Summer, Red Candy are here to save the sunny (here's hoping) day and offer a helping hand and some inspiration when it comes to additions to your outdoor space, specifically, bird feeders. You’re welcome.

Firstly, a short, entirely fictional history on the bird feeder. It all started with the now classic Disney film “Mary Poppins”, where a memorably sentimental moment mid-way through the general merriment, involved a woman feeding some birds. This inspired a generation, and feeding birds became the new red. It was seen as a great way to show off how much you care for mother nature and all it’s creations, and it’s popularity soared. A rough patch mid-way through the mid-nineties saw the bird feeder lose all it’s style, individuality and vibrancy and a boring, tube became popular. This all changed in the noughties, however, and the bird feeder has gone from strength to strength ever since! 

This (smoothly) leads us onto today where bird feeders are no longer just the grim tubes full to the brim with seeds, but come in all shapes, sizes and designs!  It’s with this in mind that we bring you our very own Top 6 Bird Feeders! Once again, you're very welcome...

So get among those feathered friends and create your very own garden of Eden!*

*A glass of Pimms always helps...

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Father's Day Top 5!

If your dad is top of the pops, then you'll want to treat him to something other than socks, a tie or a bottle of port this Father's Day (yes, it's on 15th June - that crept up on you didn't it). As always, in the spirit of sharing is caring, Red Candy are here to give you some ideas on how to surprise the old man.
So here is our top 5 for Father's Day...
5. This nifty bedside accessory will keep dad on time and will add a little nostalgia to his morning, meaning he'll wake up with happy, childhood memories (and be far less grumpy when entering the kitchen each day).
4. This one's self-explanatory really. Who wouldn't love their child for giving them the gift of a well earned bottle of beer (or whatever beverage he favours) at the end of the week/day/year... For those on a tighter budget, this little guy also comes in at under £10! It's a win win!
3. For the dad who likes his cognac and who likes to do that swirly thing with his glass (classy guy). The best thing is they come as a pair, so he might ask you to join him for a beverage - giving you the opportunity to do that swirly glass thing, hooray!

4. If, like us, you can't quite afford to buy dad a black Bugatti's the perfect alternative! He'll think of you every morning with a smile and you can tell people you bought him a Bugatti (no need to elaborate).
5. And the man who has everything, well, apart from a chess set! Beautifully crafted from wood, this chess set can be enjoyed as a decorative piece when it's not in use. A real treat for design conscious, chess playing dads!
And if you can't see something on the list, check out all our gifts for him here: 

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Hung up on you...

It might be May but there's still a chill in the air, so you’ll be needing that coat or jacket for a little longer, (let’s face it probably until June) but oh no!  Catastrophe! Those rubbish coat hooks you got are too flimsy, plus they’re hideously boring!

Luckily, we've got the perfect thing for you.  These fancy designer coat hooks will add a whole heap of style and character to your cloakroom.  Why would anyone buy boring coat hooks when you could have one of these beauties?

Functional and colourful the Flip Hook is a marriage of natural wood grain and bright colour, plus, it features beautifully neat hooks that flip up when not in use, making this design both elegant and pleasing to the eye.

If bright colour isn’t your thing then the Umbra U-Turn might be more your speed.  A fantastic juxtaposition of organic wood and cool aluminium, this stylish set of hooks swivel around for discreet modern storage that will look just as good as all your other wall art.

The Umbra Scribe Multi Hook is definitely for the writer (or the bookworm) in the family. With the appearance of typewriter keys, this distinctive set of metal coat hooks has a fabulously vintage look that will enhance your hallway a treat.

All these coat hooks have a max weight of 5lbs per hook which should be plenty for those hefty winter coats, scarves, spring jackets and the odd bag. Whatever your choice, don’t let your clothes suffer the indignity of dull hooks any longer! See Red Candy's full range of hooks here: 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

George, what a Saint!

If you are having that vengeful dragon (sorry, I mean mother-in-law) around for tea on St. George’s Day, you’ll no doubt need some heavy weaponry to keep the scaly monster (sorry, I mean delightful lady) at bay.  Whether you’re sipping a well-deserved drink, having a nice cup of tea or baking a delicious Victoria Sponge; celebrate this St. Georges Day by demonstrating your patriotic pride and checking out our range of wonderfully English-made products.

We have a spectacular range of Joseph Joseph worktop savers and kitchen accessories, perfect for making and baking delicious things to appease the beast. Or maybe you and the in-laws get along great and you just want to treat them, or is this wishful thinking?

Both Newgate and Thomas Kent are British brands who make some stand-out clocks, perfect for casually mentioning how late it’s getting and shouldn't she be going?
If all else fails, you can fill up some of our LSAInternational Glassware with enough booze to knock her unconscious? (drink responsibly kids).

See the latest Red Candy has to offer here. Isn't patriotism great.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Our new 10 hour Metric Clocks range, yipee!

The times they are a changin’ - 20% off all of our Metric Clocks.

Next time you have to change your clocks you will literally have to change them.  To Metric versions!

To coincide with British Summer Time the Royal Observatory will be adjusting GMT to properly integrate with the Universal Metric Time already used by several other counties.  Due to Britain’s world leading expertise in time measurement the Government has proposed a move to 10-hour clocks and 20-hour days, with the benefit of longer hours and higher efficiency.

In celebration of this historic event, and to makes thing easier for you Red Candy is offering a well-timed sale on all of our metric clocks.

Just plug this code in at our checkout to get a whopping 20% discount:  I4M4F00l

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Mum's the word...

The most important day of the year is coming folks, well apart from my birthday that is.  The 30th of March is Mothering Sunday, our favourite lady gets her very own day of celebrating the fact she is our mum, hooray!  Stop panicking, relax, take a sip of tea, Red Candy has got you covered.

From retro bottle-tops to Elvis, these Joseph Joseph Kitchen Worktop Savers come in a multitude of styles, colours, shapes and sizes for practically every personality and interior d├ęcor. Not only are they visually pretty appealing,  they’re also useful for keeping work surfaces spic n' span and free from marks.

If you’re like me and never know what to get for Mother’s Day, or maybe you’re a mum who is sick of forever receiving terrible presents (despite the subtle hints), then these Worktop Savers are perfect.  Forget the boring old flowers or chocolates and get her something that will last (reminding her of her perfect child whenever she sees it).

So make sure you show Mum some much deserved love, long after the flowers are dead and Dad’s eaten the last of the chocolates! She’ll have a bright, colourful worktop for when she’s baking a cake or cooking you a lovely dinner the next time you pop over. 
Joseph Joseph Worktop Savers - from £11.00 shop here.
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